Hello, I am Alexander! This is my portfolio page!

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Hi there, I am Alexander. I am a web developer/designer who are looking to make you a stunning website. Whether it’s for a soccer team, portfolio page, modeling firm, doesn’t matter. What matters is that you know what you want. I will start off by giving you a form to write down your goals, benefits and budget for this project. When you have done that I can come up with a plan for what your site may look like. I charge between 20-35 euros, depending on the project (per hour!). I want you to have a good experience hiring me, and hopefully you would like to say some words about how the experience was, so I can put it on my portfolio page.

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Front end developer with background in sales/marketing. I have experience with HTML, CSS, Sass, Javascript, Bootstrap, PHP.

Web developer – Webdesigner – Blogger – Sales experience


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If you want, you can contact me on my facebook or linkedIn profile. Just click on either the linkedIn or facebook icon below and another feed will show up with my profile!

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